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Playmaking, Spring 2024

A Breath of Fresh Air, The Breezy Plays

Friday, April 5, @ 7:30 PM
Saturday, April 6, @ 3:00 PM
Sunday, April 7, @ 3:00 PM

The newest Project members spring into action with the latest production, all-new shows, written by the young people and directed and performed by adult professionals.

Project Members: Atif, Eliza, Grace, Isaac, Lola, Makiya, Milo, & Selena.

Actors: Kyle Cameron, Raquel Chavez, Major Curda, Daiva Deupree, Christy Escobar, Meredith Garretson, Jennifer Ikeda, Carl Hendrick Louis, Forrest Malloy, Dela Meskienyar, Erin Neufer, Emma Ramos, Armando Riesco, Stephen Stocking, Shaunette Renée Wilson, & Mitchell Winter.

Directors/Dramagrugs: Dalia Ashurina, Diego Caoili, Helen Cespedes, Annabelle Cousins, Gracie Fojtik, Olivia Gilliatt, Kaileela Hobby, Tim J. Lord, & Caylyn Wan-Creager.

Compositor / Director de Música: Fouad Dakwar


Combate de escenario

The Thrill of the Fight

Our latest New Platforms presentation. Stage Combat teaches the young people about safe staged violence, then they come up with scenes to showcase their new moves with adult partners. It’ll be a bang-up time!

The Members: Angel, Jai-Lyzz, Jason, Jessica, José, Katty, Mateo, Rebeca.

The Adults: Christian DeMarais, Noah Gaynor, Sam Gravitte, Andy Jean-Gilles, Kirstin Louie, Precious Sipin, Maryn Shaw, & Sophia Zukowski.

Stage Combat Instructor: Alex J. Gould

Program Director: Garrett D. Kim

Fri., 4/12/24 @ 7:30PM

Five Angels Theater
789 Tenth Avenue
NYC, between 52nd & 53rd Sts.

Tickets Available now


Gala Anual

One Night Only

The 52nd Street Project Tribute to Henry Krieger was on  Monday, February 26, 2024.

It was a joyous celebration of our long-time cherished volunteer, the legendary Henry Krieger. Our host Anika Noni Rose, led the proceedings with grace, humor and heart. Our performers, former Project member Lilli Cooper, Neil D’Astolfo, Jon-Michael Reese & Natalie Walker, and current Project member Melanie, belted out some of Henry’s most beloved Project songs. A highlight came with a compilation video of tributes from former Project members, relating their memories of Henry, and the impact the Project has had on their lives. Then Henry had his turn in a thank-you video. These are available to watch by clicking the button under the graphic.


A logo for the PROJcast

Bienvenido al podcast de The 52nd Street Project: ¡The PROJcast! PROJcast ofrece una visión detrás de escena del trabajo del Proyecto mientras los niños crean y exploran el teatro y otras formas de arte, como canciones, danzas, poesía, cine, radio y más. Las relaciones de tutoría a largo plazo forman la base de gran parte del trabajo del Proyecto, y estos episodios incluirán reportajes, historias, actuaciones y entrevistas con niños y adultos.

Encuentra todos los episodios del PROJcast en estas plataformas:

El tema musical de PROJcast fue escrito por Justin y Eric March (Twitter: @eriqmarch) y es interpretado por Rebecca, Nicole y Marinda Anderson (Instagram: @marindaanderson, Twitter: @marindanderson).

Behind The Pencil Interviews Playback Version

Episode #49. Writers & Performers of SKELETON IN THE CLOSET

In our latest episode, the Playback creators reveal some of the hidden truths about, SKELETON IN THE CLOSET, The Secretive Plays.

I just look forward to coming here everyday. Or even the days I can’t, it’s nice just to think about here.
Xavier, age 13

Encuentra este episodio y todos los demás en estas plataformas

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