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sobre The 52nd Street Project!

A Chronological Archive of Fivey Magazine

One of the by-products of the kids’ participation in Smart Partners has been an increase in their creative activity. We found that they were suddenly brimming with stories, poems, drawings, etc. These were collected and given shape in 1999 as the first-ever magazine of The 52nd Street Project, Fivey (named after the cheerier half of our mascot duo Fivey and Twoey). Since the first issue, the magazine has become a favorite activity of the Smart Partner kids and adults alike.

The greatest result of Fivey has been the creative outlet afforded to the kids. The published magazine is a clear source of pride for them, drawing submissions from kids who had previously expressed an aversion to reading and writing.

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic forced us to postpone all shows and Clubhouse activities and move online. Paradoxically, this produced a spate of at-home creativity and generated so much material that in 2020 we had to add a second periodical called Twoey Tidbits: The 52nd Street Project Zine. The first issue came out in August, 2020. It may be named for Fivey’s somber partner, but it is lively and fun.

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