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sobre The 52nd Street Project!

The Project on Marc Maron’s Podcast

Hey there,

So, Marc Maron’s amazing podcast WTF (which understandably has some explicit language on it, so please be aware) this week features his interview with Edie Falco. If you’re not aware of this podcast, he does long form interviews with people (mostly comedians, but also musicians and actors, and on one especially memorable episode, President Obama), about their background, their influences and their careers. It is not surprising then that the discussion with Edie Falco should eventually touch on her involvement with The 52nd Street Project. It’s an all around good episode, and of course we’re especially proud to be discussed in this very nice way. The part about the Project starts around an hour and ten minutes in, or so. There’s also a lovely follow-up comment from Marc during his wrap up at the very end. Check it out:

CLICK HERE to listen!


Edie Falco hosting our gala in 2016.