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52nd Street Project

The End of a Block Island Era

Dear Project Pals,


Well, it is the end of an era at The 52nd Street Project.  After 27 years, the beloved Biaggi house (also known as the Sea Change) on Block Island has been sold. For more years than I have been at the Project (which is A LOT!), this glorious house has hosted 270 kids and 270 adult partners (and hundreds of other adult volunteers!) and enabled and inspired them to create beautiful, hilarious and wondrous musical plays which were then performed back in New York.


We LOVE Block Island. So consider this an all points bulletin.  We need to find a new main house if we are to go back there in 2014.  It doesn’t need a lot of bedrooms, though we could use them.  But it does need a good working kitchen and space indoors and out to rehearse plays.  It shouldn’t be too fancy and obviously the owners would have to be comfortable with us having 25 or so people in the house everyday for a week.  (Though we do make accommodations for the plumbing so the use is kept to what the house can accommodate.)


Please spread the word.  We need to reach out far and wide and we are willing to pay for it, if need be.  We are excellent guests as our countless hosts in the North East can tell you!


Let us know if you have any ideas or know someone who might know of the Project’s next Biaggi House for the next 27 years! Please forward, share etc.


And finally, to Christina Biaggi and her family we say a huge thank you for being so generous for so long.  There will always be a place in our heart for your lovely home.