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52nd Street Project

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Garrett Kim, Our Program Director & Fordham Celebrity

Fordham University Magazine has wisely chosen to highlight the accomplishments of alum Garrett Kim. As you likely, he’s our Program Director and we couldn’t be more proud to have him on the Project staff. Visit the article and see what we mean. CLICK HERE to read the article on Garrett.

John Sheehy, December 16, 2016

A Bicycle Built for Two…ey

By Josh Moody Have you ever noticed how many bikes there are at the Project? Ever been to a Smart Partner Picnic and rode down to the piers with the whole group, looking like a weird, kid invasion stage of the Tour de France? Have you ever gone into George‚Äôs shop in the back, lookedContinue reading “A Bicycle Built for Two…ey”

John Sheehy, August 18, 2011

Scan You Dig It

Twenty-four years ago, I worked on my first show with The 52nd Street Project. That was The Dinosaur Musical, an all-kid full-length musical that was written by Willie Reale and scored by his brother Rob. That makes me (gulp) the staff member with the longest track record with the Project. This status has always madeContinue reading “Scan You Dig It”

John Sheehy, February 17, 2011

We Got An Award For This Place

The new facility for The 52nd Street Project has been named as a USITT Merit Award winner for 2011. The award recognizes the work of BKSK (our architects), and is given out annually. Past winners have come from all over the world, including England, Japan, Canada and Germany. Past New York winners have included theContinue reading “We Got An Award For This Place”

John Sheehy, January 13, 2011